The perception of iium community towards

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DaRE ’17 to change community’s perception towards uniform bodies

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Methods A cross-sectional study was conducted among community pharmacists between March–April,using a self-administered, pre-tested questionnaire in the State of Selangor, Malaysia.

This study, therefore, aims to explore and research the perceptions of teachers towards TBLT at the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM).

The research aims to determine the level of awareness, understanding, and the perception that teachers have towards this method, as well as whether they employ it in their classrooms or not.

KEYWORDS: fuel subsidy, subsidy removal, gradual removal, impacts, compensation PERCEPTION OF IIUM 3 Perception of IIUM Community Towards Gradual Removal of Fuel Subsidy in Malaysia For decades, Malaysian government has been subsidizing the fuel prices to lift the burden of having to pay the rising market price of fuel by the Malaysian consumers.

The Perceptions of Postgraduate Students towards the Teaching Strategies Employed By This paper examines the perception of post graduate students towards the teaching strategies employed by CENTED Lectures in IIUM.

The population was Masters of education (MED) and PhD in Education students, while the sample size was The Mediating Effect of Attitude on Perception towards Impact Change after Watching Islamic Films change to the viewers, especially the youth. knowledge, attitude and practice (kap) towards sleep among medical students of international islamic university malaysia (iium) asean journal of psychiatry, vol (1): jan – june xx xx and multiple linear regression .

The perception of iium community towards
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